Sisters & Brothers CD

On their third album, Sisters and Brothers, the Vespers combine Americana roots with pop melody and rock & roll muscle. It's an album about growth and discovery, about finding your place in the world - and your sound - by leaning on the support of those around you.  "We wanted to make a new sound, something people hadn't heard from us before, and Sisters and Brothers came out of that desire," says Phoebe Cryar.  Over five years, the Cryars' and Jones' had laughed, fought,cried, smiled, learned about life and played their hearts out.  Without the influence of a label or an A&R team, they'd learned to rely on each other, trusting few outside influences apart from the support of their own fans.  The Vespers didn't abandon their old sound for Sisters and Brothers; they just expanded it.  Looking for the right collaborator to help them evolve, The Vespers turned to Paul Moak, a Grammy-nominated producer and accomplished songwriter who operates his own recording studio, Smoakstack, in south Nashville.  Moak pushed the musicians to create music that was raw and real instead of polished and perfect.  The goal wasn't to sound flawless.  It was to find imperfect performances that captured a genuine moment, performances that raised the hair on everybody's arms.  If a take didn't evoke that sort of response, it was scrapped.   "We used to record our vocals over and over, separately, until every single note was perfectly correct," Callie remembers.  "But Sisters and Brothers was completely different.  We wanted it to be raw.  We realized there was more attitude and more emotion whenever Phoebe and I sang together, even with that slight element of imperfection."

CD Details

  • Release Date: February 10, 2015
  • Record Label: Black Suit Records
  • UPC: 880547701307
  • Number of Discs: 1

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