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    About Collide Records

    Vinyl records and CDs offer a tangible, enhanced listening experience. From excellent audio quality to the experience of flipping through the lyrics, artwork, and liner notes while listening to your favorite tunes. We believe in this tactile aspect of music and offer an expanding catalog of CDs and vinyl. Get physical with your music!

    Founded in 2011, Collide Records began out of founder and music lover Greg Bartels’ desire to share music that was relevant to faith and life, but didn’t come across as cliché or second-rate.  Music on the website is still selected based on this initial idea.  Collide Records stocks music from a variety of artists. Selections range from compelling multi-platinum selling musicians to numerous small indie artists without distribution deals.  Some listeners focus on the music, others on the lyrical content. We focus on artists who master both -- where quality music and engaging lyrics collide