The Long Surrender CD

Ohio's Over the Rhine have dwindled down to primarily the husband-wife duo of Linford Detweiler and Karin Berquist. With producer Joe Henry carefully sculpting atmospheres, the duo go about crafting songs that aim for the heart and the ether. It's mostly the effect of Berquist's classically trained vocals that can skitter close to an ache and then take flight like a butterfly.  The Laugh of Recognition has a sense of longing burning underneath its easeful gait. Elsewhere, the darkness swells over tunes that turn to a disturbing quiet to make their points.  Sharpest Blade is pure noir.  Undamned, with its upright bass stalking the sparse guitar piece and its guest vocals from Lucinda Williams, has the feel of a nightclub scene coming apart as the daylight exposes the hidden blemishes.  Infamous Love Songs has a grand sense of theater with the perfect vocal and piano flourishes.  Only God Can Save Us Now is a simple, straightforward folk song.  Oh Yeah By the Way is a sweet duet. - itunes

CD Details

  • Release Date: February 08, 2011
  • Record Label: Great Speckled Dog
  • UPC: 634457538429
  • Number of Discs: 1

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