The Find CD

Depending on your point of view, The Find is either an album whose ideology and overall vibe are stuck in the '90s or a new-millennium hip-hop album that bears influence of the foundation while providing an updated spin from a talented artist.  The latter sentiment is most accurate.  Producer/MC Ohmega Watts and a host (and that means host) of friends make The Find a worthwhile listen for any hip-hop fan.  With Watts in control, he takes obvious nods to iconic producers (Pete Rock, Diamond D - he rhymes similar to Large Professor) and the sound of hip-hop's '90s renaissance, while rearranging it in his own distinct way.  The six-minute "A Request" is an updated '90s head-nodder with a two-minute rideout that appropriates everything from Souls of Mischief to Gang Starr, with some timpani/cowbell percussion to boot.  Ohmega lays down a gritty, strutting groove for "Full Swing" as MCs Neogen and Deacon join him on the mike for an old-fashioned cipher.  But even in the midst of a staple track like this, Ohmega manages to finds about 20 seconds in the middle of the tune to do some electronic space traveling.  Watts also shows himself a capable and diverse producer, venturing outside the realm of the hip-hop idiom. "Your Love" is a hip-hop/soul vehicle for singer Tiffany Johnson, while "Treasure Hunt" (featuring Sugar Candy) is straight-up authentic dancehall-style reggae.  The electric guitar shredding through "Groovin' on Sunshine" highlights one of his several largely instrumental tracks.  The Find is very close to a perfect creative balance between exploration and traditionalism, and an impressive debut from a hip-hop commodity. - itunes

CD Details

  • Release Date: September 13, 2005
  • Record Label: Ubiquity Records
  • UPC: 780661117421
  • Number of Discs: 1

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