Youth CD

Born in West Chester, PA and raised in White Plains, NY, the young man formerly known as Matthew Miller would undertake a monumental odyssey before discovering his path - and voice - as Matisyahu (the Hebrew equivalent of "Matthew," and the name he became known by when he became observant).  Via adventures in Colorado, Israel, Oregon, and New York City, he not only heard a profound spiritual calling, but also discerned a revolutionary way to share his discoveries and reflections, via the reggae and hip-hop sounds that had long been an integral part of his day-to-day soundtrack.  On Youth, Matisyahu explores his musical universe.  Produced by legendary reggae and dub producer Bill Laswell, with additional production by Jimmy Douglass and Ill Factor.  The character of the album's thirteen new songs span a wide gamut.  From the stark acoustic guitar driven track "What I'm Fighting For" to the syncopated African rhythms of "Ancient Lullabye" to the bumping beats, burbling bass, and of "Jerusalem," YOUTH is definitely a creative step forward for the band, one they are excited to bring to their audiences.  Matisyahu simply seeks to serve as a conduit for the messages of peace and unity that flow through him, to improve the world the world by sharing his music, and without letting ego or worldly desires interfere in that communication.  "That's what I'm aiming for," he admits. "I don't think I've fully gotten there, but that's the goal."  And with Youth, he makes a quantum leap closer to attaining it. 

CD Details

  • Release Date: March 07, 2006
  • Record Label: Sony Music Entertainment
  • UPC: 828768099520
  • Number of Discs: 1

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