Young Love CD

Mat Kearney is a singer-songwriter who is unafraid to use the recording studio to make his point.  The West Coast-bred singer moved to Nashville to mix and match hip-hop, folk and pop music into an infectious and original sound that makes him hard to classify.  If pressed, Kearney kinda sounds like an earnest Steve Miller (the ‘70s hitmaker).  The straightforward Young Dumb and In Love bounces with cheerful keyboard arpeggios and a beat that threatens to bust open the stereo speakers.  The drums on She Got the Honey actually might bust the speakers.  A supersized hip-hop beat pumps up Ships In the Night, where Kearney sounds like a modern-day hipster.  Sooner or Later juxtaposes a strict rhythm with his breezy beached vocals.  Learning to Love Again lopes along with a country-rock feel undertow.  Seventeen finishes this album's tribute to young love with a striking ballad.  The overall sound is a bracing juxtaposition of laid-back vocals and melodies with supercharged and overheated productions. - itunes

CD Details

  • Release Date: August 02, 2011
  • Record Label: Inpop
  • UPC: 804147160821
  • Number of Discs: 1

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