Opposite Way Japanese Version CD w/ Bonus Song

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Japanese Import Version of Opposite Way which includes one extra song ("Stand Still") as well as a lyric insert featuring both English and Japanese. 

“The album is primarily a call to our generation to passionately walk the opposite way from the world; that it's OK to live the Christian life and to be on fire for God, even if it makes us look different. - Leeland Mooring 

Leeland may call Texas home, but its musical inspiration comes from across the Atlantic. The Christian quintet's sound owes much to British prog-rock, both in its earlier incarnations (Yes, Genesis) and more recent permutations (Coldplay, Travis). Count Me In, Don't Go Away and similar tracks are propelled by torrents of U2-like lead guitar, while lighter tunes like the boisterous Wake Up and the slinky Beginning and the End provide an alternative to the album's sometimes strident tone. Lyrically, Let It Out Now and the title tune stand out for their theme of God-centered nonconformity amidst the materialism of the everyday world. As on their debut, the band proves itself adept in the modern praise realm with such worshipful tracks as Enter This Temple and May Our Praise. Leeland Mooring's lead vocals convey the innocent passion of youthful belief - his awkward-but-plaintive upper range is especially effective on Brighter Days. Ultimately, it's this slightly naïve quality which gives Leeland its own identity and makes Opposite Way a convincing expression of faith. -iTunes

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  • Release Date: February 26, 2008
  • Record Label: Essential Records
  • UPC: 4988017656754
  • Number of Discs: 1

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