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In a genre that largely thrives on immediacy, Kye Kye's sophomore effort, aptly titled Fantasize, is refreshingly meditative.  It lingers and contemplates, but most importantly, it takes its time.  Album opener I Already See It, encases the listener in warming synth before breaking into bombastic drums, yet amidst the energy that Kye Kye handles with precision, singer Olga Yagolnikov never breaks her calm, affectionate vocals.  This atmosphere continues through most of the album, and it's never overdone or inappropriate.  Honest Affection and People, the clear singles on the album, dance and ripple, beckoning the listener to join right in, and while some may find the quality of the lyrics to dip slightly in power in the middle of the album, they still maintain a level of introspection that is well above their contemporaries.  It's the last two tracks, however, which stand as the band's most endearing achievement.  In Hiding Place, Olga floats her words over diving bass lines, transitioning into the closing instrumental track Celeste.  It's perfect for Olga to stand to the side in it because after all, isn't listening what you do after you've spoken your peace? - Sputnik Music

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  • Release Date: January 21, 2014
  • Record Label: Valga Records
  • UPC: 670541359532
  • Number of Discs: 1

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