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Faith is a powerful thread that is intricately woven throughout every aspect of a believer's life.  It surfaces in songs and conversations, in smiles and revelations.  And so it is with Judd and Maggie, a talented brother/sister duo whose well crafted songs about life and all its complexities have earned them national acclaim.  The duo first gained attention in mainstream music circles with their RCA Victor debut disc Subjects, and though they readily admit a mutual passion for reaching the world, they also want to encourage other believers.  "Our faith is definitely the most important thing in our lives," says Judd. "It has a great effect on our songwriting."  Adds Maggie, "We try to incorporate our faith into all different parts of our lives and I think it just comes through in our songs and the words we write. A lot of times we'll get a certain line from a spiritual reading that we've done and that helps spawn an idea for a song."  Subjects a potent collection of songs that showcase the duo's earthy, honest vocals and thoughtful introspective, songwriting.  "The album is about relationships," says Judd.  "Half the songs are probably about relationships with another person, but I would say that half the songs are about our relationship with God."  Among the highlights on Subjects is a song called "Sponge."  "It's about absorbing Christ," says Maggie.  "It's about really trying to live in Christ and knowing that in the world, like it says in the chorus, 'they'll never understand me, but I know you do.'"  The siblings feel God is equipping them to share the gospel with the world.  "We definitely feel as Christians we belong in the world and not of it, and we shouldn't be afraid of being in the world. God equips us for every good work," says Judd.

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  • Release Date: August 23, 2005
  • Record Label: RCA Victor
  • UPC: 828766924923
  • Number of Discs: 1

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