Kids These Days Vinyl LP

Vinyl edition of Kids These Days, the 2014 release from Judah & The Lion.

Recorded March of 2014, Kids These Days embraces the band's folk trio roots and expands from there, banjo/mandolin/harmony forming a sonic backbone that incorporates everything from keyboards to electric bass into a heady mix of old and new instrumentation.  "We really wanted this record to show really where we are in our lives now," explains Akers,  "We wanted people to be able to dance to these songs and have a freshness about them that made them lasting.  Honestly, we just love life and love people and hope that comes through."  On Kids These Days, the band explores a new range of emotional territory, writing about love and fear and joy and all the nuanced spaces in-between.  The songs on this album are about past and future, adventure and family, confusion and hope - a collection of stories about being young, about finding your way, while discovering - yourself.  "This record is filled with energy and a youthful spirit that absolutely encompasses our circumstances," say Zuercher of the album's expansive, high energy feel, "We don't have much but we've got a whole lot of life and passion for what we do and who we are and we hope that people can grab a hold of that when they hear this record. It has been awesome to be able to move forward and utilize some new sounds but we still feel like this record is US."

VINYL Details

  • Release Date: October 07, 2014
  • Record Label: Good Time Records
  • UPC: 737534399675
  • Number of Discs: 1

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