The Final Curtain CD/DVD

The genesis of this Pompano Beach, FL, band started from three groups: Strongarm, Shai Hulud, and the Vacant Andys.  Originally led by vocalist Chris Carrabba, Further Seems Forever were rounded out by guitarists Josh Colbert and Nick Dominguez, bassist Chad Neptune, and drummer Steve Kleisath, first recording the song "Vengence Factor" for a Deep Elm Emo Diaries compilation.  In July 1999, the group released a split EP with Recess Theory titled From the 27th State.  The band, known for its power pop but also for its Christian emocore tinges, released its debut full-length, The Moon Is Down, on Tooth and Nail in March 2001.  The group later changed singers, however, when Carrabba went on to pursue his solo career full-time as Dashboard Confessional. -Provident

DVD Features: Final Show, Trailers for final Show, Photo Gallery, Interviews with the band

CD+DVD Details

  • Release Date: November 14, 2006
  • Record Label: 567Records
  • UPC: 180461000457
  • Number of Discs: 2

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