Jungle of the Midwest Sea CD

A Celtic punk band from the working class south side of Chicago, this band of brothers and a bagpipe player stirred things into a circle pit frenzy with their debut release Knuckles Up. After a packed year of non-stop touring and shows with the likes of Flogging Molly, 7 Seconds and The Business, Flatfoot is set to release their spirited follow-up Jungle of the Midwest Sea. In what the band describes as a more mature sound…more grown-up the band manages to grow up without leaving their roots behind with songs like Loaded Gun, Warriors and Hoity Toity. Their messages are simple, their passion is without question and their zest for life is contagious. The party is waiting and Flatfoot 56 are inviting you… -InFuzemag.com

CD Details

  • Release Date: May 15, 2007
  • Record Label: Flicker Records
  • UPC: 83061084820
  • Number of Discs: 1