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2022 re-release of Disciple's second album This Might Sting a Little. Each CD comes in a jewel case with readable lyrics and liner notes along with limited edition foil stamped collector cards. This Might Sting A Little is the only Disciple album to contain no ballads whatsoever but what it lacks in ballads it makes up for in intense metal riffs with a punch in the mouth revelation. No punches are pulled in this razor sharp collection of tracks that strip away ambiguity to tell it like it like it is. Blending a hard rock style with massive grooves and a Rage Against the Machine vocal attack these guys rose to be the premier Christian groove/ semi-rapcore band of the decade. Where the My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy EP (Warner, 1997) anchored their credibility as a musical act, it wasn't until 1999 and the release of Sting where Disciple established with boldness that they were a ministry band first and foremost - the songs possessed a massive message with a massive musical force to propel them with clarity to the world. - Jonathan "Doc" Swank, Heaven's Metal Magazine

CD Details

  • Release Date: November 4, 2022
  • Record Label: Girder Records
  • UPC: 765105158963
  • Number of Discs: 1

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