Remedy CD

Having given the Christian world an album for the ages in 2005's Collision, David Crowder and co. returned from orbit and set at work to enact a movement of positive change in the world.  And who better to lead such a movement than a band that has continually proven its place among the top stars in modern worship?  It was obvious prior to Remedy that Crowder approaches praise & worship projects from a different realm in the sonic universe.  Nuanced layers of electronica, DJ turntables, and electric violin in turn complement the band's modern rock sound.  On this record, the frontman for the diverse sextet found a rather remarkable way to call listeners to action.  And perhaps after such a thought-provoking "Collision," it was natural to come across with a wholly unified message this time around.  Crowder invites everyone within the sound of his increasingly mature voice to make a difference in someone's life like Christ has made the difference for all of us.  On Remedy, the cry to improve the world around us is so singular that any listener with even half of a heart will say to themselves, "I get it!" Peppy, danceable anthems like "...Neverending..." and "Can You Feel It?" are bookended by the richly textured ballads "The Glory of It All" and "Surely We Can Change."  The latter closes the album with a glorious message of hope: "Oh the world's about to change." What fans hope never changes is this band's way of blending a youthful, modern worship sound with a mature outlook on the world. - iTunes

CD Details

  • Release Date: September 25, 2007
  • Record Label: Sixsteps Records
  • UPC: 094639268429
  • Number of Discs: 1

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