Barton Hollow CD (w/ Bonus Tracks)

UK import version with 6 additional songs, including Billie Jean (live), I Want You Back, Dance Me To The End Of Love, You Are My Sunshine, Goodbye Girl (acoustic) and Marionette (demo.) There are moments on the Civil Wars' Barton Hollow that recall the mournful balladry of traditional Appalachian folk, as well as more contemporary explorations of heartache by the likes of Buddy and Julie Miller. Most of all, the duo turns its first full-length release into a sustained ode to the pleasures and torments of love. Singer/songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White offer finely wrought lyrics in settings that suggest both 19th-century parlor music and rougher, rootsier strains.Poison & Wine serves as the keynote for this set, applying the duo's exquisite vocal harmonies to an aria of romantic martyrdom. Tracks likeTo Whom It May Concern,Girl With the Red Balloon andBirds of a Feather likewise caress emotional scars with a rueful tenderness. The album's sonic extremes range from the wailing, blues-drenched tones of the title track to the genteel instrumental ambiance ofThe Violet Hour. Throughout, producer Charlie Peacock sparingly surrounds Williams and White with crystalline acoustic guitars, moody pianos, and elegant strings. - itunes

CD Details

  • Release Date: March 13, 2012
  • Record Label: Sensibility / Sony
  • UPC: 886919418521
  • Number of Discs: 1

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