Time Stands Still CD

Sprawling, rowdy, and unapologetically Spirit-filled, Time Stands Still boldly reintroduces Family Force 5 into the Christian music marketplace.  The Atlanta-rooted band weathered the loss of Solomon "Soul Glow Activatur" Olds as lead singer by turning over vocal duties to siblings Jacob "Crouton" and Josh "Fatty" while expanding their sonic palette.  The raucous sense of fun that earned the group their initial following comes through in Sweep the Leg (a pounding funk-rocker filled with martial arts imagery), Raised by Wolves (packing plenty of guitar crunch and rapper heart), and Jet Pack Kicks (reveling in futuristic visions and a relentless beat).  Tunes like Everybody Lose Your Minds and Dance Like Nobody's Watching are uber-catchy party anthems that skirt the pop mainstream.  Just when the album seems headed for pure hedonism, FF5 offer such widescreen hosannas as Let There Be Love (a soaring declaration of faith in glowing synth textures) and Walk on Water (a high-voltage worship tune featuring Melodie Wagner of Hillsong Young & Free). - iTunes

CD Details

  • Release Date: August 05, 2014
  • Record Label: Curb Records
  • UPC: 080688892821
  • Number of Discs: 1

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