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Nashville-based quintet Birdtalker’s “One" is the group's first full-length record following the success of their song "Heavy," a streaming phenomenon which has amassed over 21 million streams on Spotify alone (and counting) with no label support. The weightiness of the song's weightlessness captivated listeners who discovered the song, bringing the freshly intrigued out to see Birdtalker on their first tour recently, and whetting appetites for their full-length debut. Fronted by couple Zack and Dani Green, Birdtalker have cultivated a special connection with their listeners through their blend of pulsing Americana/folk/pop, honest lyrics, and breathtaking harmonies. Culling their name from an anecdote about St. Francis of Assisi's ability to converse with sparrows, Birdtalker's path to formation was, much like the success of "Heavy," hardly planned out. "Neither of us were in bands before we started this one," said Dani. The Greens figured out they had some harmonic alchemy early in their relationship, but neither had performed music in public before, even solo, much less imagined starting a band. Zack admits he hadn't even been much of a music lover growing up, but suddenly found himself exposed to a whole new world of music in his 20s. He began drifting towards emotionally intent acts while writing songs with his similarly newly muse-stricken spouse. In Birdtalker, you hear a combination of that utter lack of guile with the kind of songcraft it's hard to believe hasn't been cultivated from birth. 

CD Details

  • Release Date: June 22, 2018
  • Record Label: Birdtalker Music
  • UPC: 859726119684
  • Number of Discs: 1

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